Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Road to Badger Mountain: More Notes

First off, I have to apologize to readers, because I misinterpreted/mis-read/mistook my friend Mark’s post about the 30/30/45 running schedule for a Hundo. In fact, that schedule is NOT to be done every week, but more like every three weeks! Big oops, and very embarrassing for this former English major. But good news in that it doesn’t sound quite as insane now!

That said, with x-mas done and over, I did another 30ish mile run last Thursday (see previous post) and today, Sunday, did another. The same route. I also plan to run it on New Year’s Day. I have yet to run the ‘45’ portion, but the good news is that this 30 (or more) route feels very doable now, though of course I am sore and tired as I write this tonight. But, I had enough energy to come over to a cafe to write this!

The big lesson learned was about nutrition: Last Thursday I wrote about running the route having fasted the day before, and feeling very low energy. Well, this time, I carbo-loaded the heck out of myself yesterday, with gobs of spaghetti. And today I felt much more energy. I also increased my food intake on the actual run, with a second Clif Bar, in addition to the first, and some raisins, but even before I ate my first bar, on the 11 mile run up Leif Erickson Road, I felt way more energy. I could just tell that the run was going to feel better.

So, I know, sounds basic, but, fasting the day before a big run? Not a good idea. Not impossible, but not a good idea. Fortunately, now that I’m not running the 30/30/45 every week (!) I can still fast one day on the weeks off, when I’ll be doing more ‘normal’ runs (whatever those may entail). Something to remember for Badger Mountain: carbo load carbo load carbo load!

Interesting how having energy just changed my perception about the route. What felt like hills on Thursday, needing to be walked, today seemed only mere inclines that I could run up! In fact, the best news of the day was how much time I cut off the route: 50 whole minutes!

The weather of course was great, clear and sunny (in Portland! In December!) which didn’t hurt, but I really feel this was all about nutrition. Again, probably a no-brainer for most folks, but I’m a slow stubborn learner, and need to make my own mistakes.

Now a day off, and ring in the New Year with another long run!