Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Road to Badger Mountain update

I've now begun another week of 30/30/45. Today I did the first 30 Miler of the week, in 7:20, which I think is a little quicker than last time, but who knows? So many factors. The weather has been warmer, and therefore Wildwood Trail was a mud pit. I will take tomorrow off, then on Tuesday do it all over again, with the 45 Miler on Thursday. I hope the weather holds. A downpour on Thursday would throw things off, though I suppose I could do it on Friday without too much trouble.

In the past two weeks I've gone back to my more 'normal' schedule, of running every day. In addition, I've done two FAT ASS 50Ks the last to Saturdays, which are great training (see my blog for the write-ups). Having a group of folks running with me helps me boost my pace. My main worry for Badger Mountain at this point is how slow I am: Will I even make the cut off time? I'd rather just come in under 24 hours, but I just don't know how it will go.

Actually, I have plenty of worries. Despite feelings fairly strong on the 50Ks, and despite feeling more in shape than when I attempted Burning River two years ago (almost), I somehow feel doubt that I'm ready for a Hundo. I suppose when I get through this next 45 Miler I'll feel better, but Badger Mountain is now about two months away. I guess that means at least two more 30/30/45s, and I'm signed up for the Hagg Lake 50K in February, so I guess that's a lot! I'd feel better with a 50 Mile race (or two) under my belt, but I searched: in the winter months they're scarce.

Still, good news: I have another team member. Or, I think I've talked him into it, either perhaps pacing me some, or at least being the car driver.

Other worries are unemployment running out (maybe, maybe not), and no good job prospects, that I can find. I know there are ways to train for a Hundo with a full-time job, and if it comes to it, I will. Still, I'm hoping to take advantage of my joblessness by doing Badger Mountain. After that, then I can begin to stress in earnest. Of course, then there's the Born To Run Hundo in May....the madness never ends.

If anyone has any tips or thoughts or suggestions for me at this point, or for race day, they are much appreciated. I'm in unknown territory, which is a good thing, but tips from Those Who Have Gone Before would be nice.