Monday, December 10, 2012

Resolution: Badger Mountain 100M

Well, I've done it: gone and signed up for another 100 Miler. The Badger Mountain Challenge in March 2013.

I feel good, both in running and in my yoga cross-training. And, I have the extra free time to devote. There's no excuse not to do this, other than it's a crazy idea.

I will share my training and thoughts as I go along, in the chance it might help any of you in your running challenges. But I hope to, to hear your thoughts and encouragement as I go along. Please share! Running has always been a solitary time for me, and I'm bad at asking for help, but I'm asking for help now. And advice or kind words, I'll take it all!

Stand by for training updates, as well as more run/race reports (I'm signed up for a couple Fat Ass 50ks next month. Thanks for reading! I'll see you in the comments section below!