Friday, June 27, 2014

SoftStar Shoes ReReview

I've had my Soft Star shoes/moccasins for almost two years now, since I moved to Portland, Oregon. I honestly do not wear my kind, my brand/style, at all.

My main complaint with the model I have is their look: they just look 'blobby.' Really wide, with the thin leather poofing out. Which, is what they're supposed to do, what they're designed for: to have minimal contact/pressure against the foot, and provide a big wide area for the foot. They stay on via an elastic drawstring lace around the ankle.

What I do like about them is the very thin rubberish sole. They are comfortable to wear and walk around in. They just look dopey for a 45 year old man. And I'm not even normally that self-conscious.

From what I understand from the Soft Star website, some of their shoes/moccasins are for children, for parents that want their children to grow up with strong feet, but who want them to have some kind of minimal protection. For this, Soft Stars would be perfect.

My reason for buying Soft Star Shoes was some kind of dressier minimalist shoe I could wear around town, and the video on their website featuring a dude in jeans dancing seemed to offer that. But the video is deceiving. Comfy? Yes. But that's about it.

What I never have never done is run in them. I just have other options. Either I, in warmer weather, I want my feet in fresh air and therefore use some form of huarache sandal, or in wetter weather I would use my VFFs. Or, in colder weather I would use either VFFs, or opt for my Merrill minimalist shoes. But, if someone was just coming new to minimalist footwear, Soft Stars might be a decent option for colder trail running. But that's about it. I have seen people running in them, in warm weather strangely. I think maybe because they somehow still want to run in a 'shoe' versus huarache-sandals. But if you think running in huaraches is weird, and therefore might lean towards some minimalist shoes like this, I urge you to try huaraches. You'll never go back! [see my other reviews on this blog]

That all said, Soft Star now features a new brand that I'd be very interested in trying out: The Portlander. It's the same super thin sole, but sleeker top design, with laces. Looks like a dressy, hipster-ish, sneaker. This would be good for around-town, day and night, and at work, as long as you weren't dressing too fancy. If I get enough disposable income, I may try this, though I'll drive over to Corvallis to try them on in person first.

What I hope Soft Star does, because no one else has, as far as I know (let me know below in the comments section if you have recommendations) is create/design a minimalist dress shoe for me. Something close to The Portlander maybe, but black or brown, no laces, and a still sleek design.