Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Plantar Fasciitis gone!

Excerpt from a recent letter from a friend:

"That plantar fasciitis that was plaguing me is about 99% gone! There were two things that finally made it go away: the exercises to strengthen my arch definitely helped, but the biggest thing was getting minimalist/no rise – or whatever they are called- shoes. I did this on your recommendation. You can add my story to reasons why people should try them. I planned a very short first run, just a few blocks to see what I thought. I heard about needing to get used to them. I loved them so much that I kept running my full run and then wore them to work that day. I ended up with two pairs. One is totally flat with no cushion; the other pair has a little bit of cushion. What a relief to be free of that pain that kept me from walking!"

I have 50 followers, surely there must be some other positive experiences? Please feel free to share with others down in the comments page!