Friday, February 22, 2013

Badger Mountain Update

Yesterday I completed my latest 30/30/45 ultra-training week, with a long long 45 mile day. I was successful, and felt fairly strong. With about five weeks left until the Badger Mountain Challenge, this may have been my last 'big' week of running, before I need to start tapering off. I've been allowing myself two weeks to recover from these 30/30/45 weeks, so I'm not sure, but perhaps in two weeks I may do just a 30/30, or something like that. I'm looking forward to tapering though....

I do feel stronger, and I do feel, most importantly, that my recovery time is amazingly fast. For example, this morning I'm out and about, walking around, if a little slowly, especially when getting out of a chair. Yoga class (a 'yin' type one) this morning helped, and I'll do another this afternoon. I also made sure to do some stretching on my own last night, even though all I wanted to do was jump in a warm shower.

Actually, my first '30' this week was the Hagg Lake 50K, so a little more than 30. I rested two days, then did the second 30 on Tuesday, which really left me exhausted. Like, I slept 11 hours that night. I think the 50K was a lot more of a physical exertion that I would've given myself on my own. Meaning, that's a good thing. Having other people around to inspire me makes me run faster and stronger. I only wish a 50 Miler were available around here at this time of year. But I think any kind of race is good training, and makes us better runners.

The only major 'thing of note' from yesterday was mental: Not for the first time, I doubted whether this was all 'worth it' or not. That is, the time factor. I just would not be able to do this with a full-time job. I just have other interests, like writing and playing music, and maybe having a girlfriend at some point. Plus too, I miss just running barefoot. My calluses have almost vanished because I've been running in my Merrell Trail Gloves (for warmth, traction, and gravel roads). I'm wondering if I'm more interested in running barefoot than running ultras.

That said, I'm also still curious about challenging myself, my body, to see where I can push it. So, I'm definitely going through with this, and I'll see how I feel afterwards. Right now I think I'm doubting and discouraging myself a bit too harshly, perhaps just out of fatigue. Who knows, when I finish Badger Mountain (and I will!) maybe it'll be like marathons were: I'll want to do another one (Which would be the Born To Run 100M in May).

In other news: I have my support team assembled. Two pacers, who will alternate running with me from Mile 50 on. What I told them is this: I need someone to help get me through the long dark hours. I think if I can get past Mile 80, and to daylight, that I'll be able to finish the rest on my own, if they can't make it all the way. I also have a 'designated driver' who will bump the car and pacers and hopefully be alive enough in the morning to at least get us to a hotel. Hopefully too, the crew can document the event with FB updates and pics! I'm hoping to have something going on my FB wall (or whatever it's called now) where people can check in, and write words of encouragement.